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Payment Processing | Checks

Highest Accuracy and Speed Available

Payment Processing | Checks

Highest Accuracy and Speed Available

Payments Processing | Check Processing

When it comes to handling payments, customers expect efficient, real-time interactions. Customers are unlikely to accept wait times for deposits of 24 hours or even a few hours. Whether you call it being digitally transformed or customer-centric, immediacy and simplicity are the name of the game. This means that banks cannot rely upon manual processes, which can seem to take an eternity to the digital generation. This is where Parascript comes in.

Process Payments in Seconds

Using state-of-the-art technology based upon machine learning algorithms including deep learning, payments can be processed in seconds, providing immediate feedback to the customer. Since Parascript enables automation rates as high as 99%, banks can automatically verify payment amounts against customer-supplied data in order to forego the traditional wait times for deposit availability.

Parascript also provides capabilities to analyze the check beyond just amount information to include key factors important in remote deposit including presence of date and backside endorsement. If data is missing, the customer can be notified during the transaction, not after the fact, resulting in enhanced customer experience.

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CheckXpert.AI Check Recognition

CheckXpert.AI® represents the latest advancements of deep learning applied to the challenge of payment processing. It offers superior check recognition with the highest read rates reducing costs by more than 80% over other available check recognition solutions. As a result, CheckXpert.AI reads check amounts and MICR with better than human accuracy and speed, which enables banks to provide real-time approval of deposits regardless of channel and without the significant costs of manual verification.


CheckPlus enables real-time solutions that require streamlined and reliable access to a wide range of data on the check or check-like document. A single recognition SDK integrates check recognition, forms recognition and signature verification. CheckPlus automates check courtesy amount and legal amount recognition (CAR/LAR), check number, date, payee name and MICR lines, verifies signature presence and locates payor blocks.

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CheckUltra Check Recognition


Enable real-time mobile deposit with the mobile-friendly features of CheckUltra. CheckUltra is a check recognition SDK providing a unique blend of high read rates for CAR/LAR/MICR along with CAR/LAR mismatch detection, as well as key usability analysis identifying presence or absence of backside endorsement and date. CheckUltra is especially designed for applications that require superior accuracy such as Merchant RDC, Mobile and ATM capture.


CheckUsability® validates image integrity for instant check verification that combines image quality and usability techniques. The software minimizes risk and costs for truncating and paying bank through analysis of a comprehensive list of items that detects defects on personal and business checks and Image Replacement Documents (IRDs). CheckUsability allows integrators to support Check 21 quality and usability compliance and uses advanced recognition to validate all critical components of check image quality. CheckUsability ensures that images stand up to the most rigid assurance tests and delivers false alarm rates as low as 0.1%.

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