Best-in-Industry Data Results for Red Drop-Out and Black-&-White Claims

Efficient, Accurate & Compliant

Parascript software provides best-in-the-industry classification and significantly improves drop-out and black-and-white claims recognition while helping you reduce costs and remain compliant with privacy regulations.

Parascript offers virtual drop-out for claims processing that has set a new standard for classification and recognition for black-and-white claims, overcoming image quality and scaling challenges. Parascript deep learning algorithms improve out-of-the-box accuracy to the industry’s highest level.

Service providers expand their data capture offerings while insurers streamline their workflow processes and lower costs.

Medical Processing

True Unattended Automation

Unlike other claims recognition solutions, FormXtra.AI provides pre-trained configurations for claims documents for which each field is tuned and optimized to achieve a specific statistically-measured accuracy rate. FormXtra.AI enables organizations to only verify what is deemed inaccurate, allowing the majority of data to pass straight through. Parascript provides your enterprise with the various accuracy levels that allow you to select the accuracy that you require to completely remove manual verification for a significant portion of your data processing.

Advanced Image Processing

No solution is better at processing black-and-white claim forms with advanced image processing and virtual dropout.

Black-and-white claims can be converted to simulate drop-out ink forms; images are analyzed, and those that vary in size are reformatted to conform to expected layouts. Mobile images are transformed into high-quality scans, even without specialized mobile apps.

Parascript virtual drop-out for claims sets a new industry standard for classification and recognition of black-and-white claims overcoming challenges of image quality and scale.

Simple & Easy Claim Management | Claims of All Sizes

It is often difficult to control the scanning process for claims. The result is that you are subject to images of all types with variances of either scale or image resolution.

FormXtra.AI provides advanced non-linear, line-by-line analysis of each incoming claim in order to properly identify and align the images to pre-built fields. This means that scaling or distortion challenges are no longer an issue.

Form Design Built-In

Parascript’s FormXtra.AI has pre-built health claims processing modules designed for standard forms including both red drop-out and black-white. It is also extremely flexible to accommodate unique situations, such as additional information applied on the form header, footer or margins that is automatically added by a scanner or other application.

All necessary template images, field databases and rules are supplied. Organizations can take advantage of these optional modules to accelerate their own solution needs and can use them with no modifications or configure their own.

Sensitive Data Protection

Are you risking non-compliance? Service providers and insurers that handle and file medical documents must maintain the integrity and protection of private medical information. FormXtra.AI Capture’s advanced “field-level” validation can be used to prevent one person from accessing complete patient data. Additionally, sensitive information can be automatically redacted prior to archiving to protect it from future access.

Improved Productivity

FormXtra.AI Capture’s advanced data extraction reduces backlogs and expedites reimbursement from insurance providers by minimizing the hours needed to prepare and review documents. This drastically reduces errors in medical claims processing applications. The data can also be configured for the specific Electronic Data Interchange requirements of Medicare.

Cost Reduction

Document preparation time is improved by drastically reducing the need for human input before, during and after the forms are filled out and scanned. Using advanced auto-classification, FormXtra.AI organizes the information according to guidelines. Pages can be scanned in any order, further reducing man-hours spent preparing documents.