Medical Claims Processing


Manually processing medical data can be incredibly time consuming. Parascript’s advanced capture solution handles a mix of handwritten and machine printed text with a high level of accuracy, and it reduces both data entry errors and the amount of information that requires manual entry. Designed for medical claims processing, Parascript’s FormXtra.AI software can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Solve the fax problem and bring bitonal claims into the fold


With Parascript Virtual Drop-out, powered by deep learning neural networks, poor quality faxed CMS1450 and 1500 forms are analyzed and perfected to the quality of a drop-out ink form. This leaves only the data and eliminates the underlying form structure allowing straight-through automation rates of as high as 90%.


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Handle Attachments in a Breeze

For claims that are accompanied by attachments such as correspondence or other documentation, Parascript advanced document analysis can automatically identify the document and make sense of the information within. It can even transcribe handwritten pages of information into structured, machine-readable data to aid with either auto-adjudication or manual review.


True Unattended Automation

Unlike other claims recognition solutions, FormXtra.AI provides pre-trained configurations for claims documents for which each field is tuned and optimized to achieve a specific statistically measured accuracy rate. FormXtra.AI enables organizations to only verify what is deemed inaccurate, allowing the majority of data to pass straight through.

Parascript provides your enterprise with various accuracy levels that allow you to select the accuracy that you require to completely remove manual verification fora significant portion of your data processing.

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