Receipt Capture: Best Receipt Data Extraction

Parascript FormXtra.AI SDK for Receipts

Parascript FormXtra.AI SDK for receipts offers the industry’s most accurate receipt data extraction solution powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Parascript’s template-less document recognition solution enables organizations to easily classify and extract key data from all types of receipts, including handwritten tips and totals. More than 85% of receipt data can be extracted at accuracy rates greater than 95% using the Parascript FormXtra.AI SDK for receipts.

Quickly and Easily Extract, Process & Access Data from Your Receipts

Automatically classify, locate and extract all key data from your receipts captured using desktop scanners, portable scanners and mobile devices for your expense management, taxes and purchasing analysis.

FormXtra.AI for receipts is a template-less solution powered by machine learning developed for easy receipt data extraction and processing.

Automate Receipt Processing & Data Entry

Receipts are one of the most common documents used in everyday life. Valuable information on receipts is either collected through manual data entry or thrown out daily without a simple way to automatically recognize, capture and interpret the data. Enormous quantities of receipts are produced that are highly variable in terms of both layout and types of data. Handwritten information is also often part of a receipt.

Reduce receipt data entry and eliminate the need to throw away receipts with Parascript. Our template-less receipt processing solution automatically recognizes and extracts data from high volumes of receipts, supporting virtually every field so that you immediately have access to the relevant receipt information in your business systems.

Smart Learning Adapts to Your Data | Advanced Receipt Capture

FormXtra.AI leverages a completely novel self-learning capability called Smart Learning, based upon reinforcement learning that dramatically simplifies configuration and tuning for any document type and uses your system’s data trail to continually learn, adapt and improve. The system even knows when to update data models and can automatically set thresholds for straight through processing.

Advanced Automated Document Classification
Use advanced content and visual document classification software to easily separate receipts from other supporting documents without the need for manual document sorting. You can even distinguish between specific vendor receipts with our logo matching. Leveraging classification, receipts undergo their own processing within the same workflow.

Reliable, Accurate Receipt Data Extraction

Quality receipt data extraction is more than just running OCR on an image. To produce the most accurate results, Parascript leverages artificial intelligence to locate and extract the correct data all while ensuring accurate, high-quality results. Parascript built upon its decades of experience with check processing to provide the highest accuracy data processing rates in the industry. This means that you can be confident that the data you receive from your receipts is correct.

Simple Deployment

FormXtra.AI SDK for Receipts offers simple, rapid deployment. The receipt processing and recognition API is fully configurable and available as a .NET API, REST API , and a Windows application. Images can be acquired by smart phone cameras or desktop scanning applications, and are processed on the server-side for a seamless receipt data extraction process.

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FormXtra.AI SDK for Receipts currently supports receipt processing in the United States and Canada.