Automatic Signature Location And Verification

SignatureXpert.AI analyzes characteristics of a signature image or trajectory and recognizes the differences in legitimate signing style or behavior.

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Diverse Image Formats

SignatureXpert.AI supports TIFF, bitmap (BMP), JPEG, and PNG file formats, plus it can analyze black and white (B/W) images with 1 bit per pixel, grayscale images with 8 bits per pixel, color images with 24 bits per pixel.

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Broad Resolution Range

SignatureXpert.AI can successfully work with a broad range of resolution (96dpi-300dpi), and it demonstrates tolerance and reliability when locating and verifying signatures on low-quality images or small fonts (e.g., ID cards).

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Utilizes Trajectory Data

Going beyond image comparison, SignatureXpert.AI can extract trajectory data from digital signatures on touchscreens, mobile devices, and signature capture pads, analyzing shape, speed, stroke, pressure, and timing.

Multiple Verification Engines

SignatureXpert.AI combines multiple verifiers with distinct capabilities to analyze dozens of signature features. This delivers unprecedented verification accuracy by considering all informative data extracted from a signature image, including characteristics restored from the still image.

  • Use one or multiple signature reference images
  • Locates and verifies signatures on a broad range of documents
  • Accurately compares signatures as trajectory and images of signatures
  • Universal Signature Verification

    Supports multiple international signature styles

  • Reliable Document Analysis

    Differentiates between signatures and other handwritten or machine printed information

  • Diverse Signature Formats

    Compares image to image, trajectory to trajectory, or image to trajectory

  • Wide Document Support

    Designed to work with full documents or document fragments

  • High-Performance Solutions

    Optimized for documents with multiple signatures and multiple use cases

  • Easy-To-Use API

    Rapid and easy deployment

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