Automatic Signature Location And Verification

Parascript provides automated signature verification software that protects against fraud and reduces costs. Since all signatures are unique, they are relied upon for verification by financial organizations, businesses and governments to authorize transactions and documents. Parascript software verifies signatures on both print documents and online using mobile devices and terminals for account applications, check processing, loan origination, vote-by-mail, legal documents and much more. Accurate signature verification is crucial since forgery and fraud can cost organizations money, time and their reputation.

Forgery Protection

Identifies and protects against all types of forgeries including random (signature does not match the name of the authorized signee); blind (correct name but incorrect writing style) and even skilled forgeries (signature closely resembles the signature on file).

Print and Online

Automated signature verification works for signatures collected from scanned documents and those captured online on pads, tablets, smartphones and terminals.

Highly Effective

Detects characteristics of a signature that are indistinguishable to the human eye for high fraud detection accuracy rates. Analyzes typical signature features such as comparison of geometric shapes, fragments, and trajectories. When used for online verification, it analyzes pressure, speed and tension. Multiple software engines work together to produce reliable verification output.

Fast, Accurate, Works 24/7

Human verification is limited by shortcomings that include level of expertise, fatigue, mood and working conditions. People can experience diminished accuracy over time, making more mistakes at the end of a day or shift than at the beginning. Automated signature verification can verify much faster, work 24/7 and produce consistent results at a much lower cost.

Cost Effective

Perform signature verification on all checks, regardless of amount, without limitations due to cost; or on any other application regardless of volume. With high accuracy rates and adjustable thresholds, only questionable signatures are routed for human verification. This enables organizations to allow more time to analyze for potential fraud or to assess more signatures for verification, while they improve the overall accuracy of the verification process.

Parascript SignatureXpert.AI

The Worlds Foremost Signature Analysis Automation

Businesses that rely on signature authentication for check processing, loan origination, ID verification, vote-by-mail, or other applications that require signatures know the importance of accuracy when it comes to detecting signature fraud. Parascript’s SignatureXpert.AI provides the highest degree of accuracy for any application that needs to verify signatures.

SignatureXpert.AI combines multiple verifiers with distinct capabilities to analyze dozens of signature features using deep learning and machine learning technology as well as multiple proprietary AI methods. This delivers unprecedented verification accuracy by considering all informative data extracted from a signature image, including biometric characteristics restored from the still image. Plus, it automatically locates a signature on an input document, verifies it against authentic reference signature image(s), and returns a verification result. The product can also verify trajectory-based signature data against signatures in document images.

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