Remote Tellers Brings Services to Your Customer's Location

ATMs, ITMs, and remote banking hardware expand a bank’s service footprint without the cost of a building or personnel. By installing ATMs closer to customers, banks empower customers to complete more transactions without a trip to the bank itself. To maximize this opportunity, software that balances speed, accuracy, and security will make your services stand out from the crowd.

Investing in state-of-the-art embedded software ensures ATM and ITM hardware manufacturers and banks will stand out in a competitive market. Increase convenience and customer satisfaction and improve payment processing for your bank or financial institution.

Automatically capture data and biometrics to complete transactions faster to provide a better customer experience.

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Accurate Check Processing

Fast, error free transactions keep customers happy.

Customers use ATMs because they’re convenient. Seeing this as the customer priority, one must design all aspects of ATM/TIM software to achieve this goal. 

Capturing and verifying information on a check or document must be accurate. Delays in deposits or requests for verification are frustrating to customers and diminish the customer experience. Automating check processing is a powerful first step to reducing transaction issues. Parascript products excel at providing high-accuracy data capture for using in any payment processing system.

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Signature verification and checkwashing detection deters fraud and ATM scams

Safe, Secure, and Compliant

Self-service devices make excellent fraud targets. Even with built-in cameras, fraudsters use them for fraud schemes such as checkwashing, check-baking, and check-kiting. These high-volume scams assume a low rate of success that is made up by making high-volume attempts.

Having a large ATM and ITM network puts your bank at risk despite the convenience to your customers. Protect customer assets with an added layer of fraud prevention in any ATM software.

Automate any financial document and achieve efficiencies that boost your bottom line.

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Automate More Than Just Remote Transactions

Automation opportunities extend beyond payment transactions

Document-heavy bank services are riddled with friction. Striking a balance between compliance and ease of process remains a challenge. Automated data capture provides efficiencies across any bank process that is document-heavy. Services like loan applications, on-boarding, and identity verification will benefit from fast and accurate data capture and improve customer satisfaction and approval rates while reducing costs.