Know Your Customer Compliance

Heightened regulations and increased enforcement to maintain Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures have increased spending on compliance and its manual processes. Conducting successful KYC compliance requires rigorous record-keeping and documentation. Processes are under meticulous examination from every angle, as threats to businesses arise from all corners of the world. Automation from document identification to location, extraction and validation of key data helps streamline compliance, reduce workload and ensure you meet KYC requirements while giving you a more accurate assessment of risk.

Parascript technologies turn a manual, error-prone, expensive and slow process into a real-time analysis of submitted documentation. From automated document identification to location, extraction and validation of key data such as name and address, Parascript can help streamline and automate key components of KYC compliance.

Mobile Image Capture SDKs

Parascript KYC technology ensures that documents are captured with the best quality in a user friendly way, reducing the chances of exceptions and increasing downstream document identification and data validation performance.

Automated Document Identification

High-performance classifiers using both content and visual analysis ensure that the correct document is submitted. Understanding and organizing your documents becomes a simple, automated process. Easily classify high volumes of documents. Once they are classified, you can create simple workflows for metadata and even use the data within your documents to ensure more-descriptive searchable data. Our solution leverages artificial intelligence powered by machine learning to bring you the best available document classification.

Automatic Data Location and Verification

A template-less approach based upon artificial intelligence can process any type of document from government-issued identification to supporting documentation such as government-issued identification, bills for address verification (including utility bills) and bank statements to ensure customer information is maintained, current and valid. Reliable data improves the efficiency and effectiveness of KYC programs.

Signature Verification

Check signatures against those involved in known fraudulent transactions. Parascript provides signature verification with unprecedented accuracy. It enables signature authentication where it is crucial to detect signature fraud. Leverage Parascript for the highest degree of accuracy on any document type that requires signature validation.