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RDC Prioritizes Customer Convenience

Remote deposit capture (RDC) provides unparalleled convenience for bank clients while reducing costs for the service provider. By offering more services accessible via smartphone or personal computer, banks reduce the overhead associated with brick-and-mortar facilities while increasing the convenience desired by consumers and business owners alike. While ATMs are described as extending a bank’s geographic range, RDC turns a customer’s personal tech into an in-house bank.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is the foundation of the payment side of this banking technology. RDC captures check images and routes the information in the institution’s core banking software to verify, confirm, and route the funds to complete the process. 

Fast and convenient deposits cannot be slowed down by manual check verification. In order to maintain a positive customer experience, banks must make back-office processes part of their digital transformation strategy.  This is where Parascript comes in.

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Automated Check Verification Streamlines Business Processes

Efficiencies found with offering RDC capabilities do not stop at the front-office. If anything, they must carry into the back-office. 

Banks relying on manual verification of checks will struggle to meet the fast processing expectations that customers demand. Waiting a day, let alone hours, has become unacceptable to mobile banking app users. Add to that the high volume of checks associated with mobile retail banking, and the expectations become almost unattainable.

Automating check processing is a powerful first step to automating back office processes. Parascript solutions prioritize high-accuracy data capture and delivery, making them suitable for both established and developing systems.

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Errors Are an Inconvenience in Remote Deposit Processing

The best RDC needs to outsmart bad handwriting.

Parascript software goes beyond payment processing— it powers the automation behind many solutions utilized by banks. Our software verifies signatures, MICR codes, check stock alterations, duplicate presentment, signature validation, CAR/LAR mismatches, and payee match discrepancies. 

Parascript excels at high rates of accuracy from the start of us, but it does not stop improving. With embedded AI-powered technology, our software learns on your documents to increase accuracy over time. 

Reliable data capture is key to automation. Moving a back-office system from manual to automated can mitigate losses, protect assets, and improve customer service and loyalty. Parascript automation software for check and payment processing can be deployed in both front or back office environments, and it enable financial institutions to provide more comprehensive automation at lower costs than ever.

Improve System Performance To Keep Up With Growth

Companies set ambitious growth goals, and achieving them requires reliable systems that can keep up.
Consider how established systems would benefit from processing improvements.

Scalability and Performance

If errors and exceptions follow the same increase as transactions, a system’s efficiency will be compromised.  Parascript’s scalable solutions are designed to maintain performance by efficiently processing high volumes of transactions with minimal errors, supporting growth without sacrificing system speed.

System Uptime and Availability

Customer tolerance for downtime continues to shrink. Parascript’s advanced image analysis and pattern recognition technology ensures high accuracy in data extraction, minimizing the need for manual corrections and reducing the potential for system downtime due to data discrepancies.