Parascript for Healthcare RCM

Achieve document automation with quality results. With Parascript software, you can increase your data accuracy and significantly reduce your costs while gaining control of your Revenue Cycle Management process quality. The result is greater efficiency at a lower cost and more reliable data, ensuring superior RCM.

We work with you to provide significant value without disruption to your business processes and by optimizing your existing technologies.

RCM Document Processing

Our Smart Learning software automates complex document-oriented tasks such as document classification, document separation, data location, data extraction and quality verification processes right from within your existing automation workflows, regardless of what solution is used.

Industry’s Highest Performing Claims Capture

Parascript Formxtra.AI offers the industry’s highest performance for data matching and data capture on dropout and on bitonal documents by machine learning technologies. Our pre-built claims automation is tuned to a double-blind data entry level of performance, enabling the highest rates of unattended automation in the industry. Parascript FormXtra.AI Smart Learning automatically scans each line and adjusts formats to instantly align page size and eliminate distortion. It also removes any form structure on a field-basis to provide the best recognition for HCFA and UB forms.

Advanced Check Processing

Parascript is the leader in payment automation having enabled straight-through automation in leading banks by 85% and higher. Our solutions enables comprehensive payment processing and signature verification in high-volume, complex document processing environments using a single recognition SDK. Parascript payment automation solutions provides a virtual data entry assistant that automates check courtesy amount and legal amount recognition (CAR/LAR), check number, date, payee name and MICR lines, verifies signature presence and locates payor blocks.

Parascript products offer: (1) superior recognition rates and accuracy, (2) improved recognition results of MICR line, and (3) Accurate detection of signature presence.

Classification Made Easy

Using a combination of machine learning-based classifiers and automatically configured by Smart learning, Parascript Document Classification makes understanding and organizing your healthcare claims, EOBs, invoices, superbills and other documents a simple process. Even if you don’t know anything about your volumes of documents, you can automatically organize them. Once they are classified, you can create simple workflows for metadata and even use the data within your documents to ensure more-descriptive searchable data.

Accurate, Reliable, Low Cost Data | EOBs, Superbills, Claims & Checks

Using Parascript FormXtra.AI Smart Learning, easily classify and extract reliable data from your explanation of benefits (EOBs), superbills, claims and checks. Parascript software locates and extracts common “header” data including the date of notice, patient number, claim number and patient name with its automated template-less, machine learning solution. Parascript also supports claims data including service date and financial data (billed, allowed, deductible, copay, code and paid amount). It validates the individual service lines and the claim totals to ensure that the amounts match.

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