No one said you should have to be an expert. Build “document native” automation into your products and solutions with simple drop-in APIs that do all the heavy lifting. From full-page handwriting recognition and the industry’s highest-performing check data extraction to intelligent APIs that detect fraud, Parascript APIs enable you to focus on your core software, offloading document automation someone you trust.

Parascript Labs Signature


Embed highly-reliable and flexible handwriting transcription to support a variety of needs.

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Parascript Labs Check Writing


Enjoy the industry’s highest check automation of rate 98% at 99% accuracy. CheckXpert.AI pushes the envelope of what straight-through processing means.

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Parascript Labs SignatureXpert


Locate and evaluate signatures on documents and forms to verify authenticity using the same bank-grade technical capabilities used in check processing and vote-by-mail.

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Parascript Labs Check Usability


Accepting checks via distributed inputs such as mobile or ATM requires bullet-proof validity checks. Easily add check analysis to your payment workflow with Parascript’s machine learning API.

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Parascript Labs Check Stock


Want to run sophisticated analysis on all of your checks to eliminate counterfeiting?

Parascript’s award-winning software runs forensic-level analysis on multiple check attributes to automatically detect signatures associated with counterfeiting techniques.

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Parascript Labs Address Script


Embed the same address location and parsing technology used by major mail services and mailroom automation specialists. AddressXpert.AI can find and resolve address blocks for sender and recipient regardless of whether the information is printed or handwritten.

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Customer Solutions Showcase

See how Parascript customers are using intelligent document APIs to power their solutions.

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