Automation is important to customers when choosing BPOs

Customers evaluating BPOs see automation as a deciding factor when selecting a vendor. In “The State of Outsourcing 2024” published by CMSWire, 73% of responders say that AI capabilities are a moderately important or very important feature when they’re considering outsourcing vendors. As more customers embrace generative and predictive AI in-house, they’ll expect their vendors to do the same. 

Customers benefit from AI, and they expect BPOs to utilize the same technologies to increase efficiency and accuracy, all at a lower cost to them. 

Every IDP might capture data, but our products learn and improve on your documents

Achieve high levels of true unattended automation with tailored solutions and a customer-focused support team. Processing documents efficiently and with high accuracy is critical for your business. With the renewed focus on robotic process automation, the ability to offer straight-through processing improves your bottom line and enhances the competitiveness of your service offerings.

Over the past 30 years, Parascript has developed in-depth expertise in applied machine learning to automate document-intensive tasks. We have helped reduce manual efforts and reduced payment transaction costs by over 85% and enabled government posts to achieve greater than 95% unattended automation.

Parascript Smart Learning

Smart Learning is our latest advancement in the world of document automation. Parascript Smart Learning allows your organization to significantly reduce the costs and complexity of configuring and optimizing your document automation tasks.

Using only tagged sample data, Smart Learning can automatically configure image optimization, document identification (classification), separation, and data extraction. The system automatically analyzes the output data to set document and field level accuracy thresholds that ensure your data meets stringent SLA requirements.

We offer tailored software solutions designed specifically for BPOs, and offer a unique partnering program for select BPOs that takes the partnership to an entirely new level.

We want to automate at the highest rate possible to help you close more deals and provide better service with accurate document data. Let us show you how our software accomplishes this and more.

Case Study - Inc. 5000 BPO Reduces Data Entry Costs By 90%

An established Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) and Inc. 5000 company expanded its service offerings, staff, and facilities. Today, this 40 year old company is one of America’s fastest growing privately held companies.

The company experienced significant data entry costs among other challenges due to rapid growth. Parascript reduced labor costs by 50% initially with 90% achieved upon final deployment. 

All-in-one document automation

FormXtra.AI Capture is a all-in-one solution for BPOs who want seamless document classification, extraction, and validation in one product. Poweredadvanced machine learning and continually improves thanks to propreitary Smart Learning technology, it drastically reduces configuration time from months to hours. This user-friendly system minimizes complexity and costs by automatically setting up image perfection, classification, and data extraction rules.

FormXtra.AI continuously learns and adapts to new data streams, ensuring ongoing performance without manual intervention. This makes maintaining your system easy despite a dynamic document environment. Streamline document processing, cut operational costs, and enhance efficiency with FormXtra.AI Capture. With document automation that just works, you can focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients.

Parascript Accelerator Program for select partners

The Parascript Accelerator Program is a unique program for select BPOs that eliminates the risks of technology adoption and ongoing maintenance while returning guaranteed cost savings to our clients. Unlike typical software providers, we prove our value prior to payment and ensure software performance throughout the life of our partnership.

We provide this value through a combination of our proprietary machine learning platform along with our in-depth experience working with the largest services providers. We solve your data and document processing challenges, which allows you to focus on exceptional process outsourcing.

Key Benefits

  • Data analysis and optimization designed to meet your specific SLA requirements.
  • Ongoing partnership provides maintenance and improvements that ensure continued profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • Proven track record from large-scale projects for government agencies to projects for some of the largest financial institutions in the world with check processing saving tens of millions of dollars each year.

Improve data and handwriting capture in your current system

Happy with your current system but only need to improve the document processing capabilities? Parascript offers solutions that eaily embedd into any system to improve Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities as well as improvement of handwriting capture and other document-related needs.

In order to meet the needs of all BPOs, Parascript has worked with countlesws BPOs and managed service providers to understand their needs and provide solutions that achieve their goals on their terms. Avoid unnecessary expense and software bloat and choose the exact document capture solution that you need with the help of Parascript.

Why is straight-thru processing the goal?

Straight-through processing (STP) is a hot topic with automation, and it’s no different with IDP. Why is it a big deal? STP means processing documents and capturing data automatically without having people step in during any part of the process. It requires a well designed system with technology that goes above and beyond to learn the nuances of a document workflow. We developed Smart Learning to continually improve when a human or a system provide guidance on an exception. Businesses must strive for STP because it speeds things up, reduces mistakes, and cuts costs while systems run smoothly and longer. Parascript strives for this efficiency boost so companies can serve customers better and stay ahead in their market.

Parascript Automation for Invoices, Receipts, and Claims

Parascript excels in invoice processing, claims processing, government forms and receipt processing. Parascript has become known for our large-scale projects for the government and large financial institutions that reduce the costs associated with manual labor to sort, classify, and perform data entry (or indexing) by 50% or more.