Even though you may be running on the perceived best capture technology for mortgage processing, it’s likely you are missing out on real Straight Through Processing. This means, you are essentially touching every document.

Having optimized on current capabilities and human effectiveness, the only way to achieve greater efficiency, reduce cost and risk, and increase throughput in today’s competitive environment is to be able to achieve real measurable and sustainable Straight Through Processing or STP.

STP is the goal, but has been elusive. Until Now.

Parascript FormXtra.AI, with its revolutionary unattended Smart Learning, highly accurate classification and data extraction capabilities coupled with very low error rates has broken the STP barrier.

Parascript FormXtra.AI performs classification, separation and extraction as well as handwriting recognition, fraud detection, signature processing and address recognition all consolidated into one solution. Discover how here along with answers to these questions and any questions you’d like to ask:

  1. How do you improve what’s already good in mortgage processing?
  2. What are the keys to achieving Straight Through Processing?
  3. What are the benefits and value of Straight Through Processing?