AIIM: Shed Light on Dark Data

Consider ICR Software as Part of your Strategy

“Dark Data” is the current popular buzzword that is a key component of Big Data and Information Governance. Most experts agree that dark data is archived information that may fit into the category of ‘don’t use it, but can’t afford to lose it’ because of its potential value for analytics, governance requirements and future discovery.

The big question is how to access and manage dark data efficiently to benefit your organization, today and in the future.

Shedding the Light on the Dark Data in your Document Capture Processes is a white paper that presents current user experiences with OCR and ICR technology and highlights where companies can take advantage of these recognition technologies to not only improve business processes, but also get access to and make decisions around key dark data content. This recent research was conducted by AIIM and sponsored by Parascript.

You’ll learn how: 

    • Your peers now use, or plan to use data capture and recognition technology to gain more intelligence from their data 
    • Advanced ICR technology can help leverage dark data including handwriting and signatures needed for compliance and other information governance requirements 
    • Document capture can support smarter and more efficient processes for indexing for routing, tagging, and classification 
    • To lower risk by locating and redacting sensitive information and performing signature verification
    • To improve ROI as a result of faster data extraction and smoother process flow