Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Success: How to Address Cognitive Automation Challenges

This Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) webinar, "Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Success: How to Address Cognitive Automation Challenges" discusses the what, why and how of tackling cognitive automation within digital transformation implementations based on the industry experience of Deep Analysis and Parascript. The results of the recent independent survey of top BPOs are also discussed.

Driving efficiency through digital operational excellence has never been more critical to maintain competitive edge and grow your business. The challenges with Cognitive Automation, as seen in our survey results, are many and complex. This webinar demonstrates how to apply the latest research with lessons learned to develop a successful digital transformation framework and roadmap that works for your enterprise.

Key takeaways for Accelerating Your Digital Transformation Success

In this webinar, we’ll help you understand how to perform your own accuracy audit to answer these questions and learn:

    • Discover the operational challenges enterprises are dealing with in their efforts at unattended cognitive automation and reducing manual processes.
    • Identify how to formulate the key strategies that will drive the greatest value for your digital transformation.
    • Find out how other large-scale enterprises make the operational and technology changes necessary to accelerate successful digital transformation and what this means to you.

    SIG Webinar Speakers

    Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder & Principal Analyst at Deep Analysis

    Alan Pelz-Sharpe has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, working with a wide variety of end-user organizations like FedEx, The Mayo Clinic & Allstate and vendors from Oracle and IBM to startups around the world. Alan was formerly a Partner at The Real Story Group, Consulting Director at Indian Services firm Wipro, Research Director at 451 and VP for North America at industry analyst firm Ovum. He is regularly quoted in the press including the Wall Street Journal and The Guardian and has appeared on the BBC, CNBC, ABC as an expert guest.

    Greg Council, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management

    Greg Council is responsible for market vision and product strategy at Parascript. He oversees all aspects of Parascript software life cycles, leading the successful development and introduction of advanced technology to the marketplace. Greg has over 20 years of experience in solution development and marketing within the information management market including search, content management and data capture for both on-premise solutions and SaaS. Formerly, he led product management at Evolving Systems and Captaris, now OpenText.