Advanced Data Capture and Recognition

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Employ advanced data capture and recognition to:

  • Process higher process higher volumes of forms and documents with increased level of complexity
  • Reduce manual data entry and increase accuracy
  • Automate data capture from all documents and data types
  • Safely and securely validate sensitive information

Find out why businesses, organizations and government agencies rely on Parascript's document and recognition software for their complex document needs. 


Advanced OCR ICR Software

Capturing information from forms and documents using manual processes is expensive, time consuming and prone to errors. 

With advanced OCR ICR software you can:

  • Read any data type (machine print/OCR, handprint and even cursive handwriting/ICR, barcodes and OMR)
  • Process any document type regardless of layout
  • Extract, manage and protect information efficiently and cost effectivitely

Learn how you can do so much more with advanced ICR. Download the white paper "Not All ICR is Created Equal."

FormXtra Capture, Parascript's capture and recognition technology, offers advanced ICR and OCR software for businesses of any size. By capturing all the data through Parascript's enterprise-grade ICR and OCR software, you can make better business decisions, enhance productivity and customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.