Stand Out from the Pack with Superior Capture and Classification Capabilities

AIIM Webinar exclusively for BPOs and Service Providers

Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) with high-volume document processing needs require specialized capabilities in order to support a diverse set of both document types and service levels. Managing on-time delivery of documents and data requires the ability to adjust the service requests in near real-time without affecting existing business processes. Whether your customer’s documents are transactional or business process related, you need to find your advantages to stay competitive. In this webinar, the speakers discuss how to:

  • * Reduce labor costs while improving accuracy
  • * Gain efficiencies around what you do for your customers
  • * Learn more about Parascript’s unique program to help you achieve these goals


Doculabs capture technology expert Richard Medina presents on best and worst practices in large-scale document ingestion operations, looking at the business challenges of document processing. His focus is on the criteria Doculabs considers when it conducts its benchmark assessments of capture operations.

Parascript VP of Marketing and Product Management Greg Council, then presents on the innovative Accelerator Program that reduces BPO risk while addressing the document processing challenges.