ARMA: Information Governance—The Keys to Effective Search & Retrieval

We all face information overload—clogged email inboxes, multiple data repositories, and share drives. When documents enter the organization, there are often too few consistent rules regarding how documents are described and where they are stored. We could all use help organizing and finding important documents.

This sounds like it would take a team of assistants working around-the-clock to organize and find all your important documents, right?

Maybe not. This ARMA webinar—which features Anne Tülek, President and CEO of Access Sciences and Greg Council, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Parascript—explores automated organization techniques using different processes and technology solutions. It also delves into several successful case studies. We'll show you:

  • - How to eliminate manually sorting and tagging documents with technology-driven strategies
  • - Five key steps that reduce document management process inefficiencies
  • - How organizations support quick and efficient access to operational documents in case studies