Digital Darwinism: Real Digital Transformation for Your Automation Projects | AIIM Webinar

Find out about real digital transformation for your automation projects in this AIIM Webinar.

Going “paperless” – getting your paper documents scanned and digitized – is a valuable effort where you’ll easily see a return on your investment. All well and good (really, it is!) but in these competitive times you must fully experience a digital evolution – a Digital Darwinism – to get ahead.

In this webinar, leading Doculabs analyst, Richard Medina, will take a close look at how real Digital Darwinism can occur in your organization (or that of your customers). We’ll share tips and suggestions to help you focus on:

    • The processes that are most-ripe for automation and those that require more thought
    • Quantifying the levels of document automation maturity and what capabilities are currently on the wish list of enterprises vs. those that are here today.
    • How document automation supports digitalization of processes.
    • How to roll out Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as part of your enterprise process automation strategy