FormXtra.AI Self-learning Software Demo

Watch our brief overview of Formxtra.AI self-learning software below to see how our software works for you. FormXtra.AI delivers high performance with zero-configuration. The software automatically configures rules and learns by itself in order to improve performance. Maintaining ongoing system performance in dynamic production environments becomes straightforward because FormXtra.AI adapts to changing streams of documents in the background while documents are processed.

We create best-in-class self-learning software that streamlines access to your data with unequaled precision and zero configuration. Any document. Any data. Any source.

Any Document. Any Data. Any Source.

FormXtra.AI provides an easy-to-configure engine capable of recognizing all data types from machine print, handprint to cursive handwriting so that you can easily process all types of documents with variable content and format. With optional web service capabilities, it enables mobile capture, distributed scanning and remote desktop capture applications.