Key Factors for Document Automation Proof of Concept Success

The Five Key Factors for Document Automation Proof of Concept Success eBook focuses on five key factors for PoC success and then does a deep-dive into each of these areas. This is based upon DocuLabs' many years of experience conducting many successful PoCs. We are highly appreciative of DocuLabs sharing their expertise in this eBook. The key factors explored in these pages are as follows:

    • What automation using advanced capture really means and why it is different;
    • How to properly scope a PoC with a core framework (activities, deliverables and considerations);
    • What is needed prior to the PoC in terms of resource commitments, inputes, goals, scope and success criteria;
    • How to identify the right participants and what to require from participating vendors; and
    • How to compare outcomes to success criteria and evaluate PoC results.

Most enterprises—particularly large financial services firms, insurance companies and utilities—are rethinking their enterprise capture strategies in light of digital transformation (digital first!) replacing paper, and their dissatisfaction with their incumbent enterprise capture platforms and outsourcing capture vendors.

This means more than just kicking the tires of the new document automation tools. They are doing PoCs or bakeoffs between a few of these tools and typically their incumbent capture platforms or other tools. This is a way to truly ensure you have the right technologies to meet your document capture needs. However, conducting a successful PoC is not easy.

This eBook focuses on how to properly scope a PoC: what you need to in terms of preparation, how to identify the right participants, what to do with the results, and what next steps you should take.