Self-learning OCR Software Data Extraction

High-Volume Document Processing Automation & Quality Data Results

Automate your forms-based processes with the industry’s most accurate and trusted recognition for handwriting, cursive and machine-print in document automation.

Parascript handwriting recognition is based on over 25 years of industry research. The result is technology that has been trained on the largest repository of handwriting recognition in the world achieving accuracy rates that are more accurate than humans. In use by the largest corporations, Parascript handwriting recognition processes billions of documents annually.

Parascript FormXtra.AI captures any data type anywhere on the document, which reduces manual data entry and leads to significant cost reductions of at least 50% and often much more. >>Learn more about FormXtra.AI

Parascript self-learning software dramatically simplifies configuration and tuning for any document type, even structured forms, and uses your system’s data trail to continually learn, adapt, and improve. The system even knows when to update data models and can automatically set thresholds for straight-through processing.


Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, our solution easily extracts complex data from highly varied, complex business forms. Our capture solution automates data entry and routes validated data directly to your business systems.