Parascript Solutions for Government

Form Processing | Vote-by-Mail | Petition Automation

Parascript Solutions for Government

Form Processing | Vote-by-Mail | Petition Automation

Smart Document Processing for Government

Parascript offers a wide range of document processing and automation capabilities for federal, state and local government that improve access to key data while simultaneously reduce costs associated with obtaining it. From automating forms identification and data extraction that initiate most government processes to processing documents that are involved with governance such as petitions and mail ballots, Parascript technologies offer key capabilities to support your e-governance initiatives.


Parascript technologies support vote-by-mail applications by processing ballots and verifying signature authenticity. The software locates and extracts the ballot data, identifies if a signature is present and then provides signature verification with unprecedented accuracy. It enables signature authentication for voting by mail where it is crucial to detect signature fraud. The software provides the highest degree of accuracy for any document type that requires signature validation.


Petition Automation

Parascript provides data extraction, address validation and signature identification and authentication on petitions including hand-printed data. The software can count the number of entries, extract the name information and validate the associated address against voter record data.  As an additional guard against petition fraud, Parascript software automatically identifies the existence of a signature and then checks it against voter signature data to verify it.

Forms Data Extraction

Parascript technologies support time-sensitive government processes by classifying documents and locating, extracting, and validating the data in these documents regardless of their format or type. Parascript processes this information so that it’s easily accessible by workflows and government systems. Parascript captures any data type, anywhere on the document, which reduces manual data entry and leads to significant cost reductions.



Government Post

Parascript helps government agencies (including the United States Postal Service) to streamline and automate the sortation of the full mail stream, including letters, flats, parcels, forwarded mail, business reply mail, and bundles. Parascript also enables government agencies to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of their mail processing and reduce data entry costs.

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