Form Automation

Form data extraction made easy with Parascript

Automate your forms-based processes with the industry’s most accurate and trusted form data extraction. Parascript FormXtra.AI form automation offers the best available handwriting recognition and machine-print capture solution with higher quality results than OCR form processing.

Parascript form automation leverages deep learning-based handwriting recognition developed over 25 years of industry research. The Parascript forms recognition software has been trained on the largest repository of handwriting recognition in the world. Parascript document automation achieves higher accuracy rates than humans. Our handwriting recognition software is used by the largest corporations to process billions of documents annually.

Benefits of Parascript Form Data Extraction

Reduce Costs by at least 50%

Using different combinations of advanced neural network technologies — including deep learning — CNN networks and seven different orthogonal engines, Parascript FormXtra.AI forms recognition software captures data types anywhere on the document, reducing manual data entry and significantly reducing costs by at least 50% and often much more.

AI-Based Form Configuration

Parascript forms recognition software leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to enable quick set-up of form configurations using any fillable or searchable PDF form. Simply import the form into FormXtra.AI and press a button. That’s it. All fields are located, labeled and defined, turning potentially hours worth of work for dense forms into just minutes. Once configured, the system automatically can identify machine print from handwritten data and utilize the appropriate recognition engine for best results without the need to create and manage different configurations.

Complete Workflow and Secure Data Validation

Parascript FormXtra.AI forms recognition SDK helps eliminate manual data entry and security issues as well as errors introduced in repetitive, manual data handling. FormXtra.AI automatically processes high volumes of incoming data, ensures greater document security and facilitates higher accuracy.

Parascript Claims Processing

Your solutions power better healthcare. Let our technology deliver the data.

In the era of automation, medical claims still represent a significant amount of paper-handling that increases overall processing time and cost. This is especially true for black-and-white claims that are already scanned or arrive via fax. Manual data entry from these claim forms is slow, expensive and introduces the potential for errors.

Verify Signature Authenticity

Locate and verify any signature by comparing to a database or between a set of documents. Extract signatures to create a reference signature database.

Best Handwritten Data Extraction from Forms

Discover why Parascript is the industry leader with the highest accuracy in straight through processing of handwritten data in the industry today. This eBook focuses on the key factors to examine in selecting your handwriting recognition solution.

Deep Learning-based Handwriting Recognition

FormXtra.AI Handwriting Recognition is built on the latest in deep learning neural networks to provide the widest range of support for applications requiring unfettered access to handwritten data. This includes constrained and unconstrained handprint and cursive in a variety of documents. The module supports multi-line fields common in comments on forms, as well as the ability to locate specific handwritten information anywhere within a document.

Form Processing Using Parascript Smart Learning

Watch our brief overview of Parascript Smart Learning to see how our document automation software works for you, achieving higher quality results that go far beyond OCR form processing. Parascript FormXtra.AI Smart Learning is used by insurance providers, financial services and many others — saving billions of dollars in data entry expenses each year.