AI Data Automation: Advances in Handwriting Recognition

With AI data automation, benefit from 96% straight-through processing (STP) in handwriting recognition! It is now a reality.

This eBook focuses on the latest in document processing automation and what to look for to select the automation solution that best meets your needs. Discover why Parascript is the industry leader with 96% STP in handwriting recognition and the highest accuracy levels in the industry today. This eBook is for managers evaluating alternatives to current processes including manual data entry.


How to Ascertain Your Document Challenge

Key Factors to examine in selecting your handwriting recognition solution are:

    • A solid track record of proven large volume Handwriting Recognition implementations
    • Processing speed for modern handwriting recognition automation should be under a second per field
    • High STP rates to ensure less manual data entry with quality data results significantly more accurate than humans
    • Handwriting Recognition powered by advanced technology to ensure it can adapt to meet the changing needs of the client