The Next Generation Of Invoice Data Capture Software
More Advanced Than the Best Invoice OCR

Parascript machine learning, template-less, invoice recognition organizes and simplifies your invoice processing while providing more accurate data extraction results. Our pre-tuned invoice capture software allows you to immediately process large volumes of invoices — in an unattended mode with highly accurate, reliable results with automatic verification —ensuring significant time and cost savings.

Beyond OCR Software

Powered by machine learning, Parascript invoice recognition processes highly-variant invoices and excels in capabilities far beyond any Optical Character Recognition application program interface (invoice OCR API). It easily extracts complex data from highly varied, multifaceted business invoices. Our invoice data extraction beats competing solutions by as much as 50% or more delivering more than 85% of the data on an invoice in a straight through processing at greater than 95% accuracy. Our invoice capture automates data entry and routes validated data directly to your accounting and other data entry systems. It is available as an add-on module both to FormXtra.AI SDK and FormXtra.AI Capture.

Invoice Processing Automation

Parascript deals with the high variability and complexity of invoices so that you don’t have to, providing reliable data results with comprehensive validation and invoice recognition solutions.

Address Blocks. Parascript leverages the industry standard in address block location technology used by the USPS and many of the largest commercial mailers, which is more precise than other solutions. Using Parascript invoice capture software, addresses are located and processed at the highest rates of accuracy available.

Advanced Automated Classification. Use advanced content and visual classification to easily separate invoices from other supporting documents without the need for manual document sorting, using bar codes or separator sheets. You can even identify specific vendor invoices from others with our logo matching invoice OCR API. Using classification, each document can undergo its own processing within the same workflow.

Header and Footer. Data common to invoice processing is easily mined with deep learning algorithms that significantly improve data extraction accuracy of header and footer information by well over 80 percent. These can be automatically cross-validated with third-party systems to ensure precision.

Complex Table Data. One of the most important parts of an invoice and the most complex are the line items of purchased goods. Parascript dynamically locates the table, columns, and rows, extracting information column-by-column and row-by-row. This data can then be used to perform database validation to further verify invoice recognition accuracy.

Pre-built Engine for Rapid Implementation. Parascript SDK for Invoices comes pre-built to handle the most common invoice layouts for faster times to production at reduced development cost with less ongoing maintenance, unlike most solutions.

Easily Process Invoices with Handwritten Data. Parascript SDK for Invoices overcomes barriers to processing invoices containing handwritten and machine-print information with built-in dynamic field recognition, which requires no templates to classify, locate and extract important information. Data extraction from invoices, purchase orders (POs) and other documents is more efficient and cost effective with higher quality results than ever before.

Smart Learning Adapts to Your Data | Advanced Invoice Recognition

Parascript advanced invoice recognition leverages our Smart Learning platform. Parascript implements a completely novel self-learning capability based upon unsupervised and reinforcement learning that dramatically simplifies configuration and tuning for any document type and uses your system’s data trail to continually learn, adapt and improve. The system even knows when to update data models and can automatically set thresholds for straight-through processing.

Simple, Rapid Deployment

Parascript Invoice Data Extraction is available through our .NET SDK and as a complete Windows workflow application. Both of these can integrate into your on-premise or cloud operations.

Immediately Up-and-Running at Reduced Cost

Parascript Invoice Data Extraction handles the most common invoices to the most complex, high variance invoices for faster times to production at reduced development cost and less ongoing maintenance. For more information about Parascript’s Invoice Data Extraction, call us today at (888) 225-0169!