Check Fraud Prevention with Parascript

How to Defeat the Many Faces of Fraud with AI and Data

Check fraud and other types of fraud pose an ever-present threat. With AI and data, financial institutions catch more check fraud and increase workflow productivity, leading to less exposure. Explore real use cases/best practices here.

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Parascript Education Training Services

Parascript Education Services

Gain a foundational understanding of FormXtra.AI to configure and deploy simple to moderately complex installations. The advanced program builds on basic training with more complex scenarios.

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Intelligent Automation Capturing the Unicorn SSON Virtual Event

Intelligent Automation – Capturing the Unicorn

Watch our SSON-hosted webinar, “Intelligent Automation – Capturing the Unicorn” that features Doculabs and Parascript. Find out the best practices for system selection, how to roll out, manage and maintain Intelligent Automation.

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