Advanced Capture Leaders & Their Projects | Survey Results Webinar

This AIIM Webinar presents results from a survey of 100 top Capture Leaders about advanced capture and their document processing automation.

This Information Professionals today have a growing responsibility to bring document-oriented and unstructured content assets into their information ecosystem, and to make the data inside accessible for use within systems and business processes. They must also leverage all available technologies to assist with these activities while maximizing efficiency and ROI. Navigating the complex technology landscape creates some challenges.

That’s why AIIM conducted a survey with 100 top capture leaders. In this webinar now available on-demand AIIM shares with you the results of their research including the:

  • Practical use of machine learning within document automation and its effectiveness;
  • Plans and experiences with RPA projects that involve document-based data;
  • Targeted business processes for “cognitive RPA.”

Whether you manage internal operations that include document automation, run a shared service delivering document automation enterprise-wide, are responsible for the outsourcing relationship of document automation, or provide outsource services, this webinar provides insights into how 100 top capture leaders are dealing with their document processing.