Advanced Image Processing

Businesses must process documents that arrive from all points of capture whether smart phone, fax, email or traditional mail. Dealing with the large variance in image quality makes it challenging to achieve high-levels of document processing automation.

Parascript offers the most comprehensive image processing capabilities available, enabling companies to deal with any document all within the same workflow, with levels of performance that previously could only be observed with controlled high-quality scanners.

Black-and-white forms such as claims can be converted to simulate drop-out ink forms; images are analyzed, and those that vary in size are reformatted to conform to expected layouts. Mobile images are transformed into high-quality scans, even without specialized mobile apps.

Parascript has implemented Virtual Drop-out for Documents such as claims that results in the industry’s best classification and recognition solution for black-and-white documents, regardless of image quality or scale. Watch this video to find out more: