Data, Analytics & Creating Insight | Meeting CMO Challenges

Customer analytics are quickly transforming how companies do business. Almost everyone in the loyalty industry agrees that customer analytics is essential not only for meeting customers heightened expectations for personalized service, but also to maintain a competitive advantage.

Loyalty360 conducted interviews with marketing executives, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), in this report to gain insights about customer analytics—how analytics are perceived and leveraged by large corporations today.

Competitive pressures to effectively use customer data are increasing and the potential to glean real insights from quality data has become a reality.  Trusted data can be carried out as a highly labor-intensive endeavor or be fully automated—either way trusted data is critical to understanding customers and facilitating their buyer journeys with optimal experiences.

Download this industry brief by authors Mark Johnson, CEO, CMO of Loyalty360 and Mike Wyckoff, Technical Writer who expertly interview top CMOs to delve into the challenges and opportunities that CMOs face.