AIIM Capture Leaders Survey Results eBook

An essential part of managing you or your client’s business information is capturing it at the entry point. But, successful capture implementation isn’t driven by products, tools, and technologies – it’s the information professionals who are responsible to manage, configure, and operate the capture systems that really drive success.

Those in the driver’s seat of a capture deployment are responsible to bring documents and content assets into the information ecosystem with proper control and accessibility for action. But just how does your organization stack up against others? How successfully are you leading a capture deployment in your (or your client’s) organization? We asked the capture leaders in the AIIM community these questions, including:

    • Who or what group is responsible for data quality and integrity, and just how valuable is a data quality guarantee?
    • What metrics are used to evaluate accuracy or operational efficiency over time, and what capabilities do you find most valuable?
    • As the volume and variety of inbound content multiplies, what is the percentage of native digital documents, scanned documents, and paper documents your organization typically processes?
    • How is your organization currently processing digital documents, and what abilities would make this task easier?

This eBook presents the results from the top capture leaders in the AIIM community on how to successfully lead, navigate, and evaluate a capture deployment, whether you manage your capture operations in-house or outsource this vital function.