AIIM Webinar: Tap the Hidden Value of Your Data



Some of your organizational information is difficult to access by traditional software applications (and even humans) because it lacks structure and may exist in a variety of non-traditional forms -- like handwritten comments, signatures, logos, or even concepts implied within text. Just like “big data,” this information is produced, collected, and stored at exponentially faster rates and in greater volume each year. These potential gems become locked in the documents that contain them. Extracting value from this hidden information provides a real competitive edge. As a result, organizations are aggressively looking for ways to find it, capture it, analyze it, and put it to use.

That sounds like looking for a needle in a haystack, right?

Maybe not. In this AIIM webinar—which features Frank Minicucci of ECM Earley and Associates, AIIM Director Theresa Resek, and Greg Council, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Parascript—we’ll show you:

    • How to assess what information you truly have available to you
    • Tips on how to eliminate the chaff (the ROT – redundant, obsolete, and trivial) from the wheat
    • How to put that useful information to work so its value can increase throughout its lifecycle
    • How your Information Governance plans and strategies can assist you in every step of this process
    • And how to make it all scale so that it is manageable!