AIIM Document Automation Survey Results | Top Capture Leaders

This AIIM document automation survey results eBook presents the exclusive results and analysis of AIIM's 2018 survey where 100 top Capture Leaders answered detailed questions about their current document processing automation and future plans. Among the questions, AIIM asked respondents:

    • If they’ve deployed document processing automation; have integrated machine learning capability; or implemented any automated classification and separation
    • What types and formats of content are processed in their organization; and how they process digitally born documents
    • Whom they solicit advice from on hardware selection
    • What they see as the direction of document processing automation over the next three years at their company
    • What their biggest challenge is in the configuration, management or operation of their document capture system

This eBook provides you the AIIM stats and results of these questions and more. Whether you manage your capture operations in house or outsource that vital function, this information can help you better serve your own customers in their quest to improve and update their capture platform and processes – and how Parascript is here to help you achieve that.