AIIM Webinar: Taking Advantage of Web-based APIs to Add New Value

As software and service providers, you have objectives for solidifying and growing your business – and they revolve around delivering a superior customer experience.

Let’s consider transaction processes that need invoice, receipt, or check data. You want a minimal investment that will leverage cloud-based recognition and real-time business data.

How best to achieve that, especially when more SaaS offerings are moving into the cloud? By adding Web-based services.

In this webinar, we’ll find out about how to:

  • * Take advantage of the benefits of external Web-based APIs to expand service offerings;
  • * Overcome common stumbling blocks in using cloud capture;
  • * Leverage API-as-a-Service solution that offers automated, scalable invoice, receipt and check processing; and,
  • * Enable a service offering by adding one line of code to your workflows

When your customers can simplify the extraction of transactional data from their most-important business documents so their business runs efficiently with highly accurate results, you’ll achieve a better relationship with those customers and have improved retention as a result. A win-win for everyone involved.