FormXtra.AI Smart Learning 7.5 Overview with Demo

Discover the latest capabilities of FormXtra.AI Smart Learning


Leveraging FormXtra.AI Smart Learning, clients eliminate the need for time-consuming and brittle templates or rules-based approaches to extract data from highly variable, multi-page documents. To get started, FormXtra.AI requires only a sample data set and output results to train the system for more accurate, immediate results.

Building upon the Parascript Smart Learning capabilities, the latest FormXtra.AI offers the following, which is covered in detail during this detailed overview and demo:

  • Smart document classifiers classify every document type from text-heavy documents to images;
  • Smart image perfection or preprocessing automation cleans up problematic images;
  • Smart variance detection streamlines data extraction by grouping similar documents in order;
  • Smart document analysis enables data element location hypotheses for a broad range of document types;
  • Smart measurement automatically analyzes results and refines the extraction model presenting improvement options to system administrators.