Automation Strategies for Unstructured, High Variance Documents

The Automation Strategies for Dealing with High Variance and Unstructured Documents eBook examines the levels and types of variance within structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents. And then, it delves into the different successful strategies for document automation. Depending on your business needs, you can employ different classification and extraction techniques to implement for your enterprise.

Strategies to deal with variance can be expansive due to numerous challenges. If the number of variants is low, the best option is always to approach each document type as though it was a structured form. When larger numbers exist, the work to analyze and create rules of reach can become significant.

With semi-structured documents, there are at least two measures of accuracy: data location accuracy and data extraction accuracy; fail to locate the data and you get no data. Locate the data correctly and misread a “O” for a zero and you have bad data. This and much, much more are explored in this eBook.

Automation Strategies for High Variance and Unstructured Documents

Unstructured documents can be the most difficult document type to process because the level of variance is typically the highest of any document. Documents such as emails or other correspondence rarely have the same data so it is hard to locate any single specific data. But it can be done and this eBook explains how.