Data Science with Intelligent Capture eBook | Your Complimentary Copy

This Data Science with Intelligent Capture eBook examines how to attain unattended document automation with high accuracy leveraging data science.

Expectations for today’s digital workforce automation are centered around higher speed and efficiency. As an enabling component for complex document-oriented robotic processes, intelligent capture must process as much document-based data as possible in a 100% unattended automation state. The return on investment lives or dies on this ability.

Yet most organization’s use of intelligent capture still involves a significant amount of data verification by human staff. With all of the automation available to organizations either on premise or via a cloud service, why does intelligent capture still have a problem living up to its promise?

When it comes to intelligent capture, organizations are not interested in implementing workflows that require staff to manual sort documents and enter data. They are interested in removing as much of the manual labor as possible. Explore here how to attain true unattended document automation with high accuracy.