Digital Transformation Demystified eBook

What It Is & Practical Ways to Get There

Digital transformation (DX) is everywhere. Do a Google search and you get over 250 million results. It is clearly a popular term. Unfortunately, gaining a good understanding of what DX is, and how to approach it, is difficult. If you look at technology sites, you might think it is about going paperless, or replacing humans with technology through automation. Or, it could be a technology refresh by adapting new cloud-based services. Ultimately, DX is not any single process, technology or function. It is a holistic approach.

Find out here about:

  1. What it means for organizations to be digitally transformed in actual practice
  2. Pitfalls to avoid in successfully implementing your DX project
  3. How to best incorporate AI and machine learning into your DX project

Digital Transformation (DX) is everywhere likely one of many items on your strategic agenda. But what exactly does it mean to be digitally transformed, and how do you define the most critical tasks?

This eBook focuses on defining digital transformation (DX) from a practical standpoint and then identifies practical ways to prioritize DX projects and implement them through adoption of automation technology. Get the proven strategies for digital transformation here.