Document Automation for BPO Case Study

As an established Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) founded over forty years ago, this Inc. 5000 company has widely expanded its service offerings, staff and facilities. Today, it is one of America’s fastest growing privately held companies.

Record successes in offering competitive medical claims, medical bills and accounts payable processing made it necessary for the BPO to examine its high manual data entry costs and revisit the effectiveness of its existing document capture platform.

Due to rapid growth, the company experienced significant data entry costs and the existing document processing platform lacked the necessary capabilities to handle the new variety, complexity and volume of documents.

Challenges and Solution

The company could not process faxed documents, for example, due to image quality complexities that included different resolutions, sizes and the interference of form structure and actual data elements. Some forms also had handwritten information, which had to be handled differently. In addition, accuracy was an ongoing challenge that further increased costs for verification.

In order to avoid passing costs on to its customers, the BPO needed to find a technology capable of reducing costs while simultaneously adapting easily to new customer projects and document types. To do this, the BPO chose Parascript as its partner, participating in the Parascript Accelerator Program and reduced its labor costs by 90 percent. Find out how here.