FormXtra.AI 7.6 Smart Learning Overview with Demo

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See FormXtra.AI Smart Learning in action, how it extracts data from highly variable, multi-page documents eliminating time-consuming, brittle templates or rules-based approaches. Discover the new capabilities in advanced capture including our multi-line handwriting recognition. FormXtra.AI 7.6 Smart Learning offers key new capabilities including the following:

    • Smart Learning now works with handwritten text;
    • Fully-automated learning allows you to promote learning sessions to production;
    • Trains document classifiers in a single step;
    • Provides international support for SSN and address recognition; and
    • Multi-line handwriting recognition.
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Parascript offers software solutions that incorporate advanced AI so that it eliminates the need for staff to learn how to use advanced capture so that your staff can focus on actual outcomes. Our self-learning software runs on its own, identifying what are commonly referred to as "features" of a given task. For example in radiology, features might be graphical clues associated with a particular problem. In data analytics, it might be characteristics of data that can predict certain outcomes.

With Parascript intelligent capture, our software identifies the layout of a particular document or relative positions of one data element to another. Feature identification allows machine learning models to develop abstractions for solving problems in much the same way as we do. For instance, we do not need to reference a manual when we encounter a stop sign. The features of the stop sign are assimilated into a model of how to drive a car.

Parascript intelligent capture with machine learning enables the system to automatically identify the key features of a given set of sample data and allows for highly precise classification and data extraction models without any need for those evaluating a given solution to understand how it is configured.

By allowing intelligent capture to focus on features of data, our customers can turn their focus to the inputs. More importantly, they can focus on the outputs that provide real proof of a system’s abilities. What would normally take weeks—if not months—to understand can be achieved in hours without any need for staff to learn or configure the system. This is the value of machine learning in Parascript intelligent capture.