Machine Learning for Advanced Capture eBook

The Machine Learning for Advanced Capture eBook explores how AI is applied to solve today’s business problems with a particular focus on document processing automation.

Certainly, many of the tasks that Artificial Intelligence (AI) accomplishes have been possible for years through manual processes coupled with limited automation. This eBook explores what’s different today, and what we can do now that was impossible in the past due to technological limitations.

We also delve into both the many advantages and many disadvantages of these new capabilities.

Machine Learning for Advanced Capture

With Parascript Smart-Learning FormXtra.AI software, we have transformed capture software so that it is as easy to install and configure as possible – delivering maximum value right out of the box. With our Smart Learning technology, you only need to install and configure the self-learning service. Smart learning software offers the highest quality data results.

Smart Learning Document Capture -all the performance, none of the hassle

Smart learning capture vastly simplifies your document automation, simply provide the sample data and let the system learn how to process it. Once in production, it continues to monitor background workflow data to fine-tune and adapt. All without any need for human intervention.