Smart Learning Leveraging FormXtra.AI

The Smart Learning Leveraging FormXtra.AI eBook delves into the limitations of document capture software, its complexities and the features showcased by most vendors. Because of the challenges of document capture, many companies have not yet seen the full benefits of document automation.

That is, until now with FormXtra.AI. Our approach is to make the software as easy to install and configure as possible – delivering maximum value right out of the box. With our Smart Learning technology, you only need to install and configure the self-learning service. Smart learning software offers the highest quality data results.

Smart Learning Document Capture -all the performance, none of the hassle

Smart learning capture vastly simplifies your document automation, simply provide the sample data and let the system learn how to process it. Once in production, it continues to monitor background workflow data to fine-tune and adapt. All without any need for human intervention.