RPA, Its Future and You | FoS Magazine

RPA, Its Future and You | Future of Sourcing Magazine

Less than 2% of the global outsourcing market is affected by robotic process automation (RPA), but RPA growth is projected to be exponential. Find out why.
Parascript Launches CheckXpert.AI with Deep Learning

Parascript New CheckXpert.AI Reads Checks at Better than Human Speed and Accuracy

Parascript today launched CheckXpert.AI that reads check amounts and MICR with better than human speed and accuracy.

Parascript Announces New Model to Reduce CAD for Mammography Costs

Parascript today announced a new payment model that drastically reduces the costs for mammography CAD software while delivering superior results.
Parascript Honored by KMWorld 100 Companies that Matter in KM 2019

KMWorld Honors Parascript Knowledge Management Solutions in 2019

Parascript has been selected by KMWorld as one of the top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management in 2019 for the fourth consecutive year.
Parascript Launches FormXtra.AI Smart Learning 7.5

Parascript Launches FormXtra.AI Smart Learning 7.5

Parascript launches FormXtra.AI Smart Learning 7.5 that includes deep learning handwriting recognizers & advanced machine learning document classification.

Thinking Differently About Robotic Process Automation

Is RPA adoption everything enterprises need to automate their business processes? Let the real RPA please stand up. Find out more here.
Parascript Artificial Intelligence Software Streamlines Access to Data

Parascript Artificial Intelligence Software Streamlines Access To Data

Tech Company News conducts an exclusive interview with Greg Council and Bill Johnson discussing the industry & its future.
FormXtra.AI with Zero Configuration

Parascript Delivers Fully-Automated Configuration for Advanced Capture

Parascript announces the availability of FormXtra.AI with Zero Configuration resulting in practically eliminating any upfront time and effort.
Looking Beyond Paperless: Tactics to Consider

Looking Beyond Going Paperless - Three Transformational Tactics - Briefing by John Mancini

AIIM surveyed 152 companies and found that 75% view process automation as "important" or "very important"; key tactics for transformation are explored here.