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Document Processing | Advanced Capture | ACCESS TO QUALITY DATA

Healthcare & Insurance

Document Processing | Advanced Capture | ACCESS TO QUALITY DATA

Your Digital Document Automation Workforce

Simplify Your Healthcare Processing

Streamline your healthcare document processing and reduce your staff’s manual tasks with Parascript automation so that data from claims, EOBs and other forms are all automatically added to your business systems with high levels of unattended automation. Without using templates, Parascript software significantly improves data quality results from your forms including drop-out and black-and-white claims recognition while helping you reduce costs and remain compliant with privacy regulations. Service providers expand their data capture offerings while insurers streamline their workflow processes and lower costs for operations.


New Standard for B&W Claims Capture

Using advanced machine learning, Parascript offers virtual drop-out for claims processing that has set a new standard for classification and recognition of black-and-white claims, overcoming image quality and scaling challenges. Parascript deep learning algorithms improve out-of-the-box accuracy to the industry’s highest level of over five times compared to other solutions.

Service providers expand their data capture offerings while insurers streamline their workflow processes and lower costs.



Mobile Onboarding

Parascript supports interactive onboarding and servicing by accurately extracting quality data from consumer documentation submitted for opening an account via a smartphone or through any other channel using Parascript mobile capture SDKs coupled with FormXtra.AI. In the background, Parascript software provides sophisticated document analysis. It automatically classifies, sorts, extracts and validates the necessary information to reduce data input requirements, fraud and “transaction friction.”


Explanation of Benefits Data Extraction | Capture

Locate and extract common “header” data including the date of notice, patient number, claim number and patient name with our automated template-less, machine learning solution. Parascript also supports claims data including service date and financial data (billed, allowed, Deductible, copay, code and paid amount). It validates the individual service lines and the claim totals to ensure that the amounts match.

Advanced Check Processing

Parascript enables comprehensive check processing and signature verification in high-volume, complex document processing environments using a single recognition SDK. Parascript check processing automates check courtesy amount and legal amount recognition (CAR/LAR), check number, date, payee name and MICR lines, verifies signature presence and locates payor blocks. Parascript check processing—powered by artificial intelligence—offers: superior recognition rates and accuracy, improved recognition results of MICR line, and accurate detection of signature presence.


Classification Made Easy

Parascript FormXtra.AI makes understanding and organizing your healthcare claims, EOBs, invoices, superbills and other documents a simple process. Even if you don’t know anything about your volumes of documents, you can automatically organize them using advanced document clustering. Once they are classified, you can create simple workflows for metadata and even use the data within your documents to ensure more-descriptive searchable data.

FormXtra.AI leverages many types of machine learning classifiers including deep learning algorithms to auto-analyze text-based documents, image-based documents or a combination of both with Content Classifiers, Visual Classifiers and Combined Classifiers. Content classification employs text-based features of documents. Visual classification uses “feature extraction” based upon the documents’ key visual characteristics without using OCR. Combined classification uses both and synthesizes the results for the best answer.


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