Learn from industry analysts and expert users via the Parascript webinar series. Join us for the live events or view webinars on-demand when it works best with your schedule. Explore how to reduce your manual processing, improve efficiency and ensure your data quality with Parascript auto-configuration, real-time adaptability, intelligent capture software.

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FormXtra.AI 8.0 Overview and Demo

Join us for an overview and demo of the latest in Intelligent Document Processing with FormXtra.AI 8.0, driving unprecedented access to data.

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Digital Darwinism: Parascript Document Automation

Digital Darwinism: Real Digital Transformation for Your Automation Projects

To understand and take full advantage of Digital Darwinism, you have to leverage all your data best achieved through automation with some real levels of straight through processing.

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Intelligent Capture: Your Onramp to Business Efficiency

Intelligent Capture: Your Onramp to Business Efficiency – AIIM Virtual Event

This AIIM Virtual Event session explores AI, focusing on applications of machine learning within Intelligent Capture and the key things you need to understand before you begin your journey.

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Document Automation at Core of Cognitive RPA | SIG Webinar

Document automation is really at the core of Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Find out how the best available RPA solutions leverage document automation, data understanding and business rule automation with use cases in financial, healthcare and insurance industries.

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Parascript Event

Join the Capture Refresh Wave: Our Partnering Philosophy

Find out about our Partner-First Program that focuses on collaboration and technology enablement. We’ll show you the key factors behind our growth—FormXtra.AI and Smart Learning—and how these will benefit you.

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Document Processing Automation Webinar

We Asked 100 Capture Leaders About Their Projects | AIIM Survey Results

This AIIM Webinar presents results from a survey of 100 top Capture Leaders about document processing automation. Find out about Capture Leaders’ challenges and how they’ve addressed them.

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FormXtra.AI Smart Learning - Best Intelligent Capture

FormXtra.AI 7.6 Smart Learning Overview with Demo

Here is an opportunity to see FormXtra.AI Smart Learning in action, how it extracts data from highly variable, multi-page documents eliminating time-consuming, brittle templates or rules-based approaches. Discover the new capabilities in intelligent capture.

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Intelligent Automation Capturing the Unicorn SSON Virtual Event

Intelligent Automation – Capturing the Unicorn

Watch our SSON-hosted webinar, “Intelligent Automation – Capturing the Unicorn” that features Doculabs and Parascript. Find out the best practices for system selection, how to roll out, manage and maintain Intelligent Automation.

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Document Automation Success

5 Key Factors for Document Automation PoC Success

Find out how to scope a successful document processing automation Proof of Concept (PoC) from initial preparation, participants, technology evaluation to what to do with the results.

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Ensuring Data Quality and Compliance Through the Loan Process - MBA Virtual Event

Ensuring Data Quality and Compliance Through the Loan Process – MBA Virtual Event

Watch the MBA event as Deloitte and Parascript dive into how to eliminate loan defects, address compliance issues and ensure data quality for trouble-free mortgage transactions.

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Omni-Channel RDC Solutions: Using New Recognition Technology for a Post-Covid World

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Straight Through Processing for Mortgages

Straight Through Processing for mortgages is possible with the right automation. Find out how to overcome mortgage document processing challenges from classification to data extraction.

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