Learn from industry analysts and expert users via the Parascript webinar series. Join us for the live events or view webinars on-demand when it works best with your schedule. Explore how to reduce your manual processing, improve efficiency and ensure your data quality with Parascript auto-configuration, real-time adaptability, intelligent capture software.

Mortgage Application Processing

Mortgage Classification: Increase Your Loan Throughput by 30%

Mortgage classification automation is about more than simply reducing document handling costs. It is about moving loans faster through the approval cycle, which is possible via better, more high quality automation.

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How to Defeat the Many Faces of Fraud with data and Parascript AI

How to Defeat the Many Faces of Fraud with AI and Data

Check fraud and other types of fraud pose an ever-present threat. With AI and data, financial institutions catch more check fraud and increase workflow productivity, leading to less exposure. Explore real use cases/best practices here.

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Digital Insurance Automation

Digital Insurance: Insurance processes optimized for cost, but at-risk for disruption?

In insurance processes, document automation improves agility while reducing cost & risk. Join us for an in-depth look at automation tactics & opportunities.

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