Justice and California Flag

First AB1446, Now AB2778: New Legislative Rules and the Need for Technology Advancements in State Governing Agencies

In a pivotal move to address racial bias in California’s criminal legal system, Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 2778 which mandates the implementation of “race-blind” charging practices by prosecuting agencies starting January 1, 2025. The new requirement involves redacting any information identifying the race of individuals involved in a criminal case.

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The Evolving Trends of Check Fraud: What the Financial Industry Experienced in 2023

2023 proved to be a challenging year for the banking industry as it witnessed a surge in fraudulent activities. New schemes emerged, while older and enduring challenges continued. Let’s delve into the impacts of check fraud and forgery schemes. In their 2023 Fraud and Financial Crimes Report, Kroll, an advisory firm focused on risk, governance, […]

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