Unlocking Dark Data

Dark Data Is Everywhere, But How Accessible Is It?

Dark data is simultaneously everywhere and challenging to access. For the past several years, Parascript has been doing research with AIIM and ARMA on dark data such as hard-to-process documents with handwriting. According to IDC, most of “big data” is actually dark data, which is commonly defined as “the information organizations collect, process and store during […]

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Capturing Dark Data and Handwritten Information as Part of Your Information Governance Process

In today’s vast digital world, organizations are scrambling to better control information to meet legal, regulatory, and business requirements. Adding to the challenge is an increasing number of information sources, including online, email, and print. From each of these comes growing volumes of records, receipts, forms, email, and desktop documents and more, further amplifying the amount of information that is out […]

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