Attachment Disorder in Healthcare: Radical Improvement without Radical Disruption

In part one of this article, I covered several aspects that, together conspire to create a process nightmare when it comes to document-based information contained within attachments. And while many efforts and desires are focused on how to rid processes of documents altogether, the most comprehensive and flexible means to transform slow, complex, and manual […]

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Ability to learn and improve with Parascript Smart Learning

Intelligent Document Processing: Pre-trained vs. User-trained

Quick, which animal is smarter?  If you selected the newborn baby. you’re right! And if you selected the newborn Gazelle, you’re right!  Ok, both assertions cannot possibly be correct…can they? After all. the human will ultimately be able to communicate and do things that the Gazelle could never do. But the Gazelle, as a newborn, […]

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Should Machines Do the Work or Humans?

Faster, better, more accurate. It seems as though the typical response to the need to improve speed, quality, or accuracy is to introduce technology into the mix. Does that mean humans don’t need to be involved? Autonomous Machine Learning Whether it’s artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, or a mix, the notion that computers and […]

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