Should Machines Do the Work or Humans?

Faster, better, more accurate. It seems as though the typical response to the need to improve speed, quality, or accuracy is to introduce technology into the mix. Does that mean humans don’t need to be involved? Autonomous Machine Learning Whether it’s artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, or a mix, the notion that computers and […]

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Does Handwriting Recognition Software Have a Self-Learning Capability?

Recognizing handwriting is not an easy task, either by a person or by a computer. Think about it, how often have you looked at your own handwriting and can’t even read it? The development that is required for handwriting recognition software is monumental. Parascript has been working on this technology for over 20 years. We […]

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The Truth about Trainable Forms Processing

There are many capture systems that market the ability to automatically “learn” document formats and layouts or to allow the system to be “trained”. In either case, the objective is twofold: Minimize the effort required to define document rules specific to each document variant and Improve overall recognition rates and lower error rates. The Problem […]

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