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Shred the Binky!

Margin compression and how to deliver new products that are increasingly complex, in an efficient way. Those are two key points made at a recent virtual event hosted by HousingWire and sponsored by us, Parascript. We also found that the pandemic did a lot to highlight the process issues associated with lending including the increased […]

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Document Processing

What Does “Template-Less” Really Mean and Is It Important? | Part 2: Template-Less Is Meaning-Less

Last week I started a conversation on what template-less means and where it came from. There’s a lot of hype around IDP and the ability to address document automation without requiring the creation of templates that dictate exactly where needed data is found on a page. The reality is that templates if applied correctly, provide […]

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What Does “Template-Less” Really Mean and Is It Important? | Part 1

Within IDP vendor marketing, if the use of “machine learning” or “artificial intelligence” take the top two spots, coming in a quick 3rd has to be the term “template-less”. The main gist that this use is meant to convey is that organizations shouldn’t have to spend time laying out the various data fields they need […]

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The Automation Cheat Sheet for IDP Newbies

I routinely like to juxtapose IDP software with other enterprise software mostly because the differences, while routinely neglected, are vast, and we’re not just talking about applications or features and functionality. When it comes to most enterprise software, emphasis is on user or process efficiency or introducing new capabilities to the business all of which […]

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The Digital Journey for Lending Processes Has a Long Way to Go

We recently participated in a virtual event with Mortgage Banker Magazine along with industry veteran Keith Mullen from Saxony Partners where we discussed the current state of “process confusion” and the immense costs in time and effort inefficiencies cause. For example, in commercial lending, the hoops and obstacles that have to be overcome are dizzying. […]

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What is the most important feature in IDP?

What is the most important feature of an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) product? Hint: You already know but you don’t spend enough time on it. Before I get to the point, let’s discuss how IDP software is different from most other enterprise software. Features & Functionality – The Hopeless Scorecard of Enterprise Software We’ve all […]

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ai process

Does a Highly Efficient Process Always Require AI?

Everyone talks about AI (and more appropriately machine learning) as being the silver bullet to the challenge of achieving highly efficient business processes. And on the surface, the excitement and perspectives appear appropriate. After all, machine learning has the ability to see things in data that humans might never notice and automatically perform tasks with […]

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